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How to Reduce Depression and Anxiety Easily

I want to talk about probably the most important thing you could ever learn and ever do in your life and that is practicing self-love self-acceptance, reduce depression and anxiety, doing self-esteem making your needs a priority in your life.

There’s so much stigma around this and it’s really hard for a lot of people who are currently in anxiety or depression too.

And that’s what’s the great paradox about this is that when you’re depressed and when you’re anxious.

How to Reduce Depression and Anxiety Easily and Make A New Life

What I found in my life from what I’ve heard from a lot of other people who have worked with and also read about it as well as when you’re depressed and anxious the things that you need to do to change the absolute last things you ever wanted to.

That’s what makes it so typical and that’s what keeps people stuck for so long.

For example, if you have social anxiety you know what you need to do but doing it is the absolute last thing you want to do when you’re depressed.

People say go to the gym go to exercise you’ve got to get out of the bedroom and stuff.

And that’s like that’s the last thing you want to do when you’re depressed and the last thing you want to do when you’re anxious and that’s what makes it so hard to recover from these things.

How to Motivate Ourself Easily at Any Moment

So what I found what I needed to do is just give myself a little push to get that ball rolling.

And what I mean by that is you sometimes you just have to do it even if you don’t feel like doing it.

If you and it comes down to self-love.

So if people if you’re hearing from a lot of people that you’ve got to exercise you’ve you’ve got to put your needs first and you don’t feel like doing it.

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little nudge and then you and then what you’ll find is after a good yoga session or a good session at the gym you feel good.

And then that kind of helps you get the ball rolling and eventually that’s how you start to get out of depression and anxiety. That’s what happened with me anyway and with a lot of people who I’ve discussed this concept with.

How to Motivate Ourself Easily at Any Moment

But it’s so hard to start when you don’t have any momentum built up to actually get yourself to do some of these things because it’s the last thing you want to do. And I understand. And so that leads me to the first point.

Self-acceptance accepting yourself for who you are flaws and all is so important. It’s so important to quit beating yourself up about any kind of flaws you perceive.

Whether you think that you always fail maybe you’re beating yourself up because you have anxiety because maybe you feel less than everyone else.

I’m not going to get too deep into it in this article because I have dedicated a whole program to this subject because it’s such a complicated and important subject.

The first thing is self-acceptance that you’re set wherever you are and it’s OK.

You’re going to love yourself no matter what. And I want to share with you a quote that I think. Absolutely. I could not have put it better in a million years and what this person has said.

And it’s from Reddit. Basically he said here’s some things or remember saying to myself. So basically this guy let me run you through a little bit of his story.

He’s been he’s had multiple bouts of therapy for depression and anxiety.

And he says I come across the same messages every time. Love yourself because he’s so be your own best friend.

He said none of it worked for me. It all felt similar platitudes prefabricated up by extroverts who didn’t see proper bottomless self-loathing and feelings of worthlessness and that’s a lot of people are going through this as you get these messages just love you so they better yourself and you feel like people don’t understand you.

They don’t understand what it’s like. And this is a perfect model of that. And that’s what happened to me as well. That’s why I didn’t listen for so long.

I didn’t even understand what the word self-love meant. I didn’t really understand what they meant by that because I was just too deep in and feeling worthless that I would I just I wouldn’t take any information from anyone who I didn’t feel was on the same the same level as I was.

And so that’s what created this whole program because I want to share with you my story of someone who’s actually been there and can really relate to what it feels like.

And I pretty much say similar things to what other therapist say but it’s much easier when it comes from someone who you can actually relate to his pain as opposed to someone sitting in in a fancy office who has never actually had it themselves.

But I just want to go through what he says because for the past weeks he’s been very hard on himself. He just couldn’t get over his depression and anxiety and he hit rock bottom.

And what he came to realize and say to himself is it’s OK.

And this is what I want people to understand. This is the kind of thinking that that helps you get over these conditions.

It’s OK. You can hate yourself no matter what happens. I will not abandon you. This is what you say to yourself. It’s ok you can hate yourself. You can even Kuei So no matter what happens or will not happen. I will love you unconditionally no matter what. No matter how many mistakes you made I will forgive you.

You can be depressed all day. You can get nothing done. You can fail at everything you try and I’ll still be there for you.

And this has given me just bumps just thinking about it because this is so powerful.

I’ll give you all the things you so badly wish for. I’ll do all the work you were afraid to do. I’ll step in and I’ll help you. I’ll love you no matter what. Even if you hate yourself I will love you.

That’s so touching to me that I couldn’t put it better myself.

That is is how you start to grow feelings of self-love.

Repeat that phrase I’m going to copy and paste it so you can reread it.

But that’s the kind of things you say. So if it’s self-acceptance it’s like no matter how much I screw up no matter how bad I do no matter how depressed I am no matter if I just can’t even do anything I just sit at home all day.

I’m still going to love myself because I could because that because I’m a valuable person and I’m not Mine’s already.

I’m not my depression. Depressions are a part of me. The things that I do the things that I’m going through but they’re not made. And that’s a really important distinction to make.

How Important A Good Night’s Sleep for Everyone’s life

A healthy sleep pattern is for having a healthy life and a healthy brain. There’s just been so many studies and advocates about getting a good night’s sleep you’ll see it everywhere.

Everyone like we’ve gone through a lot of the articles already and pretty much every blog every web site when it talks about overcoming stress anxiety depression.

Pretty much every single person has mentioned getting a good night’s sleep. And there’s a reason for that is because it’s so important. Sleep is our chance is our bodies chance to heal to regenerate. Sleep is where your brain chemistry can reset anything that your body needs to replenish.

It can happen. But the thing is there’s different types of sleep.

And what we really need to do is get r.p.m. sleep a really deep sleep and that’s when the body releases growth hormones.

When we hear you’ll hear it you’ll hear everyone from psychologists psychiatrists all the way to body builders and exercise experts and nutrition experts all talking about how beneficial sleep is.

For example, you’ll hear a lot of the top trainers say if you want to lose fat and build muscle you need to get a good night’s sleep because that’s when your body replenish is everything.

So I want to go over a couple of important things that helped me because I haven’t been a very good sleeper. And they say that people with depression and anxiety have a hard time sleeping which then contributes to depression and anxiety.

It’s one of those spirals again which it’s hard to tell which came first.

Do you have depression because you’re not sleeping well or do you have or are you not sleeping well because you have depression and anxiety.

Probably a mixture of both and again just if you don’t get a sort of that downward spiral so that you lose sleep because you’re up all night worrying about what someone said to you what someone did to you or you up all night worrying about your job or the economy or your finances or you’re depressed and you don’t want to do anything.

So then you lose sleep and then because you lose sleep you feel worse the next day like “I’m terrible. I need my 10 hours sleep.”

Eight hours is absolute minimum if I get any less than eight hours a day.

I’m hopeless the next day. Can’t do things I can’t concentrate. I just feel hopeless. Some people tell me I don’t need eight hours sleep. I get by on four. I can get by on six and maybe you are in that category.

But what I would say is I you as effective on four hours sleep. How do you know that you wouldn’t be more effective on an eight hours sleep. And also are you giving your body adequate rest periods as well. Something that’s helped me is blacking out my room so buying curtains that don’t let any light in.

Because if you get to bed light and you have to wake up say around I am but the sun rises at 5:00 that’s three hours of light coming into your room.

And what happens is when light hits your eyes if you haven’t blacked out the curtains if a lot of the lights getting into your room and you don’t have an eye mask or anything.

As soon as your body senses light it starts to release serotonin. I believe it is. And you start to start to wake up in your sleep gets less and less state.

But they found that if your brain is completely pitch black you get a much deeper sleep for longer.

So what I would recommend first of all is to get a good arm ask. I sleep with an almost every night I look ridiculous. And my girlfriend didn’t like it at all that I needed.

I need my sleep. I’ve got way too much to do way too much I need to accomplish. I can’t be living on bad sleep. I also get earplugs so I drop my arm off my earplug pretty much dead in the world and that just allows me to sleep a lot a lot longer.

A lot deeper. And I totally noticed when I put my earplugs in I noticed that I wake up more refreshed every day and then not mix with not getting the sunlight too early in the morning.

That really helped me too that that could be the difference between getting eight hours sleep and 10 hours sleep. You might get by an eight hours sleep as long as you have a really good I’m asking earplugs.

They’re all as important as each other. And I really want you to take all of him seriously and start doing everything that I say. They’re not big changes. I mean buying a mask, buying earplugs are not big things.

You have to do doing exercise. Not a big change half an hour of sunlight four times a week.

I mean these are not huge life changes but they’re huge in terms of changing your whole life and changing your depression and anxiety.

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How To Use Creativity To Improve Your Life

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